7 actionable steps to get more organic traffic

Content and SEO are interconnected.

Not even the best optimization will help your site if the content sucks. (pardon my French)

That’s why search engine optimization is not only about “using HTTPS” or “getting authoritative backlinks”. At its core, SEO is about producing great content and getting it closer to people.

In this guide, we’ll take a look at how to transform this knowledge into a sustainable SEO strategy that can bring great results in the long-run.

A big thank you goes to SEO experts Suganthan Mohanadasan and Jason Acidre for contributing with their own valuable insights.

What is an SEO strategy?

SEO strategy is a term that describes the way you approach search engine optimization in the process of getting more organic traffic to your website. It should consist of a goal and a plan on how to achieve it.

A good SEO strategy is holistic. It must include all the essential parts of search engine optimization, understand their connection and set out the key steps to achieve success in each of them.

SEO strategy = goal + actionable plan

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