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Looking For Web Portal & Management Systems Services In India? BluClicks Is the best Web Portal & Management Systems Company In India, And We Have Ample Reasons To Prove The Credibility Of Our Web Portal & Management Systems Services In India. We have Top Rated Web Portal & Management Systems Experts with more than 10 years of extensive experience working on national and international Web Portal & Management Systems projects.
Give your business a kick start with developing a website portal or a management systems. BluClicks offers premade affordable website portal or a management systems for small businesses, and provide great features to make your business workflow smart and fast to your industry competitors. We understand the benefits of a website portal or a management systems for any business thus we offer affordable premade website portal or a management systems packages to serve every single business no matter small, big or startup.

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Document Management System Document Management is a self-hosted, web-based document management system designed to help organizations store, track, modify, and manage documents on a centralized platform. Its features include document sharing, reminders, user management, bulk permissions, document download, document preview, sending documents via email, document audit tracking, document versioning, document comments, and multilingual support 20,000
Project Management Tool with Task Management It provides very simple task management with features like Clients and Projects, Tasks management with time entries, Team management along with Roles and Permissions, and a very nice Web Timer to track the time for the particular task. 15,000 
Freelance Manager Freelance Manager is powerful, yet simple, project and client management software application. It’s a perfect solution for freelance designers and developers. It also works great for consultants, project managers, and service professionals.  25,000
Point of Sale (POS) Posly is a versatile inventory management system with an integrated Point of Sale (POS) feature to streamline various aspects of your business operations. Whether you’re a small business owner or part of a larger enterprise, Posly offers a comprehensive platform for managing inventory, sales, purchases, and customer interactions. 23,000 
Online Loan Management System Develop for Next Generation Borrowers, Smart & Exclusive Loan Automation system. It’s a next-generation Loan solutions software that automates users, payments, borrowers, billing, management, support services, and other core services.  30,000
Personal Finance Manager Designed to efficiently manage your personal finances. With this intuitive platform, you can effortlessly track your income, expenses, budgets, bank accounts, and loans/debts. Gain full control over your financial landscape with insightful reports and smart analysis tools. Take charge of your financial future and achieve your goals with ease, using our comprehensive and user-friendly personal finance management solution.  9,920
Helpdesk Support Ticketing System The UHelp is best support system for a customers support and management solutions laravel application solution. That keeps track of customers’ requests and solves the issues of customers based on issue type, priority, and category. It allows customers to receive service as quickly as possible while keeping track of their requests. With the UHelp-Support Desk, you can provide a uniform support experience to your customers.
1. This is standard pricing, and as per the client’s requirements, prices may go up.
2. Our packages don’t include any script or code deployment charges.
3. Script deployment on servers depends on PHP developers availability.
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Information systems are important for businesses because they can: 

  • Store and analyze information
  • Simplify business processes
  • Facilitate decision-making
  • Provide access to full data control
  • Improve communication between employees and employers
  • Generate new income streams
  • Promote products more efficiently

Information systems can also help businesses: 

  • Monitor profitability
  • Manage inventory and products
  • Respond to customer demands
  • Improve financial management
  • Communicate with customers
  • Link e-commerce shop fronts with stock control and accounting systems

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